Tuesday, January 25, 2011

DAY 9 – JAN. 25th : MATTHEW 9:35-38

Today begins the 24-hour fast which we will break together tomorrow after the prayer meeting. For those participating in the 24-hour fast, eat your evening meal some time before 7 P.M. (see the introductory notes for some practical guidelines).

The ministry of Jesus was holistic. He ministered in power, truth and love as He taught, proclaimed and healed. In Matthew 9, we see Him filled with compassion for the crowds who were described as being “like sheep without a shepherd.” Speaking to His disciples, Jesus then declares that the harvest is plentiful and that we should therefore pray for laborers in the harvest.

We believe that the harvest is plentiful today as well. We believe that God has many in this city who are ordained for life, as He had many in Corinth who were set apart to hear and trust the gospel (Acts 18:10). We must therefore be diligent to pray to the Lord to send out laborers into His harvest.

If we are going to reach this city and beyond, we need laborers who are willing to share in that work. The pastors and elders of Redeemer simply cannot do it alone, nor are they called to do it alone (Ephesians 4:12). For some, that may someday mean personally leaving the body of Redeemer to help plant a church elsewhere. For all, that will mean faithfulness to pray for God to send laborers and to pray for the laborers that He sends.

Reflection and Intercession:

  1. Consider.
    • How often do you pray for laborers to be sent into the harvest?
    • How often do you pray for laborers who are already working to bring in the harvest?
  2. Confess.
    • Confess any unwillingness to personally enter into the work of the harvest.
    • Confess any exposed lusts for comfort, personal safety, passivity, etc. that might keep you from obedience to God’s missional activities.
  3. Praise.
    • Praise God for the harvest.
    • Praise God for those who are currently toiling in the fields to reconcile people to Him.
  4. Intercede.
    • Ask God to send workers into the harvest.
    • Ask God to raise workers within Redeemer Church and to give very specific direction to the elders and pastors of this church as to where the fields are ripe.

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