Monday, January 17, 2011


There is an inseparable relationship in the Scriptures between prayer and thanksgiving. In our first season of corporate fasting and prayer for the direction of Redeemer Church we considered this connection and focused on thankfulness as the posture of our hearts before God.

Gratitude is the proper response to grace. In fact, because all that we have is a result of grace, gratitude should be our constant response to God. A failure to give thanks lies at the very core of the sinful condition (Romans 1:21). As the human heart exalts itself in pride, it fails to honor and appreciate the true God.

Beginning a new season of corporate prayer for direction, may we recognize how graciously God has blessed us here at Redeemer. For His own purposes and plans, He has poured out His favor on us in real ways. The mission of Redeemer is to “help people encounter and follow Jesus Christ” and we get to see that happening in our midst.

Entering into this season of fasting and prayer, we would be foolish to get so consumed with the future that we forget His past faithfulness or take it for granted.

Reflection and Intercession:

  1. Consider.
    • Take some time to consider God’s blessings upon you, your family and this church. Maybe even write out a list in which you count out evidences of God’s grace.
    • Do you tend toward consistent gratitude or do you find yourself easily succumbing to entitlement?
  2. Confess.
    • Confess any exposed areas of pride and entitlement.
    • Confess your great need of God individually and our great need of God corporately.
  3. Praise.
    • Praise God for the grace that He has shown to you individually. Thank Him for the individual areas that you listed out previously.
    • Praise God for the grace that He has poured out upon Redeemer.
  4. Intercede.
    • Ask the Lord to humble our church’s elders and pastors so that they might continue to operate in an awe of God’s goodness in this place.
    • Ask God to continue to cultivate a spirit of gratitude in the hearts and minds of our people.

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