Saturday, September 26, 2009

NTC Day 6: Matt. 11-12, Acts 16-18

Matthew 12:34-35

You can’t live the life God desires unless you prepare for it. One necessary ingredient in this training is reading the Bible. We embarked on this Challenge because you must have the Word of God in your heart and mind to change your behavior.

Your heart is like a bucket. It gets filled to overflowing and whatever you put in is what comes out. You have the choice of what goes into your bucket. In the same way, you have a choice about what comes out based on what goes in. When you pour in God’s Word, then godly things overflow in your life.

We see this in the ordinary events of life, but also in the stressful, difficult situations. Think about it this way – every day, we carry our “bucket” around. When difficult things happen, it’s like we get bumped. When we get bumped, our bucket sloshes. Guess what spills? Whatever you put into the bucket. Sometimes we wonder why we react to people and situations the way we do. All we have to do is look at what we’ve put in the bucket.

I hope that the NTC is helping you fill your bucket with Jesus, so that when you are bumped, Jesus is what overflows.

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