Thursday, September 24, 2009

NTC Day 4: Matt. 7-8, Acts 10-12

What do you expect God to do? We often read God’s promises and think wistfully “wouldn’t that be awesome?” Sigh. Then get up and carry on with life as usual.

Cornelius blows my mind. God tells him to send for Peter. Uh, ok. That’s it? No details, guarantees or promises? Nope. So he sends for Peter.

Look at all the “coincidences” God has to arrange to make this happen. An angel comes to Cornelius. Peter has a vision just as Cornelius’ servants show up. Peter decides to follow. The whole process takes 5 days.

When they show up at Cornelius’ house, what do they find? Cornelius is waiting . . . but he’s not alone. He’s invited everyone he knows and they are all sitting there, waiting on Peter.

We have no idea what God already has in motion around us. While we wait for evidence, God is waiting on us to get moving. What are you expecting God to do?

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