Friday, September 25, 2009

NTC Day 5: Matt. 9-10, Acts 13-15

Acts 15:10-11

Do vs. Done.

Everything in life pushes us to “do” something. Religion is no different. Every religious system out there pushes us to do something to make ourselves better. It gets really tiring – not to mention that it doesn’t work.

Here’s where Christianity is different. It’s not about the things that you’ve got to do; it’s what Jesus has done in your place. It’s not about work or effort; it’s about faith and trust.

Jesus fulfilled the law in your place (Matt. 5:17) and now offers His life to you – both for today and forever. Through faith in Jesus, His sinless life and all that He has done for you is credited to your account. Your sins are forgiven and you stand before God as one who has completely fulfilled His perfect Law. Everything you have to do has already been done.

That’s grace and it’s the good news of the Gospel.

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