Monday, September 21, 2009

NTC Day 1: Matt. 1-2, Acts 1-3

Acts 2:42-47


That’s not the normal pronoun we use when thinking about the Christian life or church. We think “I” - but God made us for community, not isolation.

Notice how we’ve changed our focus on some of the essentials that the first church focused on – the apostle’s teaching (they wrote it down and now it’s the New Testament), communion, prayer, and going to church. We tend to think about these in an isolated way though – I read my Bible, I took communion, I pray, I go to church (if they do it the way I like it).

The Bible doesn’t present it in this individual, isolated manner. In fact, one essential that is often overlooked is the other people - they are an essential ingredient. We cannot effectively follow Jesus alone. In fact, all personal identity fades into the idea of one – the new family that God is building. They devoted themselves . . . the apostles’ teaching . . . fellowship . . . together . . . their number . . . everything is about what God is doing in this group of people.

As we embark on this journey through the New Testament together, I want to encourage you to begin with this idea in mind. You won’t make it if you try and tackle it alone. Join with others. They need you. You need them. Make plans to join us on Sundays to worship together. Join a Community Group.

You can do this . . . but you need help. God has brought us together so that we can help one another.


  1. I hope everyone enjoyed the genealogy:) Got your next baby name picked out?

  2. Actually, listening to it this morning I wondered why some names are so popular now and some just sound bizarre!