Monday, August 19, 2013

The Death of Death: Sermon Recap

1st Corinthians 15

Big Idea: Jesus is coming back to finish what he started. That day should change this day, but this day should make us long for that day.

From "The Body: We Are Better Together. A series from 1st Corinthians"


 Here are some highlights from the message. If you share any of these on your social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) please use this link as a reference:
  •  Jesus' victory over sin and death is already accomplished, but it is not yet completed.
  • As believers in Jesus, our salvation is secure. When Jesus returns, our salvation will be completed.
  • Our heavenly bodes will be perfect, immortal, glorious, powerful, Spirit-filled—like Jesus' body.
  • When Jesus rose from the dead, He demonstrated what our new, heavenly bodies will be like.
  • Because of sin, nothing on earth is the way God wants it to be.
  • As much as we love this day and this life, we should long for the day when Jesus returns and makes all things new. 
  • What happens on that day is determined by what we do with Jesus on this day. 

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