Saturday, November 21, 2009

NTC Day 62: Revelation 16-19

Question 5: Who and how do others worship?

Every human being is a worshipper. This is premise of Romans 1, where all of mankind "exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised. Amen." So, if you've been following the devotionals this week, one of the reasons we worship Jesus is that he saved us from just such a state. All of us were there. All of us worshipped something created: money, human intelligence and advancement, science, sports teams, etc. Some of them may look more spiritual than others, but if we are not worshipping the Creator, we are worshipping created things and exchanging the truth for a lie.

This is why, when we get to the book of Revelation, one of the dominant characteristics of Jesus is that of judge. Continually we hear in the worship of heaven the cry of "true and just are your judgments".

As the judgments of Revelation progress, we find that those who are worshippers of created things "refused to repent and glorify [God]" (16:9,11). Not only that, "they cursed God" (16:21). Instead they give their power and authority to another, and give him their power to rule. Indeed, what ever we worship we give that power and authority to, it has the throne of our hearts and the power to rule in our lives.

You see, sin is not just sin because it's wrong or contrary to God's character. Sin is sin because we take God off the throne of our hearts and lives and place self in that place. We choose to obey our desires rather than God's desires. We choose to purue our way instead of God's way. We choose to pursue the created things that will please self rather than what will please God. So when we are worshipping created things rather than the Creator, it is because ultimately we are worshipping self rather than God.

Everyone everywhere will always be worshipping. Either we will be worshipping God (love and obedience), or worshipping self through created things (sin). And Jesus someday will come under the name Faithful and True and put things right. With justice he judges and makes war (19:13).

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