Wednesday, November 4, 2009

NTC Day 45: Luke 24, Hebrews 1-2

I recently had a serious "bummer" moment. Normally, clothes aren't that big of a deal to me, but I do have one pair of jeans that are my favorite. I found them at an outlet mall for $10. They weren't just jeans . . . they were cool jeans. I've gotten tons of comments about them over the years. And yes, they have lasted for years. I'm guessing I purchased them in 2003. They are carpenter jeans, so they have a perfect pocket on the side to hold my phone, pen or other nerdy necessity. In short, I love these jeans.

I was extremely bummed when I looked down and realized that they were wearing out. Not in the "Hey, look these jeans look totally worn out. Aren't they cool? I'll pay extra to own a pair of worn out jeans like these!" sense. More like the "I don't think these will be functional much longer" sense. Bummer. I guess I'll have to make my annual trip to the store or hope someone drops off a bag of old clothes on my doorstep.

The picture of God in Hebrews 1:10-12 always blows me away. It shows God standing over the universe that He's created. It will eventually wear out, just like everything else. Sure, we can patch it and try to preserve it, but eventually, it's going to fail. When it does, the problem will be little more than exchanging a worn out garment for a new one in God's eyes. That's pretty big. I'm guessing our "big" problems are not that overwhelming to one who rolls up a worn out universe like an old piece of clothing.

More than that, while fashions change and fabrics deteriorate, God remains the same. He never changes. He never gets tired. He never wears out. He is the same today as He was when He dusted off this universe and rolled it into existence. When all else fades away, He's still there. Now that's someone worthy of worship.

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