Thursday, November 19, 2009

NTC Day 60: Revelation 9-12

Question 3: With whom do we worship?

A: The overcomers. (12:11) There is a lot of drama behind that title. One does not overcome unless there is an obstacle or barrier. And in our case, that barrier was massive. That barrier was in fact ourselves.

Or more specifically, the barrier was our sin. And Satan, "the accuser of our brothers", loved to bring it all up. It says he was constantly reading our dirty laundry list in the presence of God.

In fact, all of this kind of reminds me of a courtroom drama. God is judge and he will and must judge justly. And unless there is payment and punishment for our sin, we must pay the full penalty. So Satan, the most conniving prosecution attorney of all time, actually has an argument when he "accuses [the brothers] before our God day and night".

But when Christ steps in and takes our place, our punishment, the declaration of our salvation is so decisive that Satan is thrown from the courtroom. His accusations will no longer even be heard!

So this is who we worship with, those who were justly condemned, graciously saved, and now stand as brothers redeemed and justified by the blood of the Lamb.

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