Monday, March 3, 2014

Disciples Obey Jesus: Sermon Recap

Luke 6:46-49

Big Idea: A disciple continually comes to Jesus, listens to his words and adjusts their life to the reality of what he commands.



Here are some highlights from the message. If you share any of these on your social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) please use this link as a reference:
  • Most "Christians" live for the same things that non-Christians do—themselves. A disciple cannot live a self-centered life. 
  • Obedience requires continually coming to Jesus, carefully listening to his words, and intentionally taking the next step. 
  • Every Christian should listen to Jesus' words with a bias towards acting on it. 
  • You think you know the life you want, but only God knows the life you need. 

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