Thursday, December 10, 2009

Day 16: John 1:1-18


God has come to us. This sets Christianity apart from every other world religion. They teach that we gaze into the heavens and try to get to god. We reach out for him and possibly get his attention or earn our way there. Christianity alone teaches that God bends down to reach for man. He knew that we could never reach or know Him on our own, so He came to us.

Jesus is God. He is not a secondary person in heaven. When it all began, Jesus had already been present. He was not created, He has eternally existed with the Father and the Spirit. He was the active agent in Creation and know He will be the active agent in redeeming Creation from the Fall.

He has been the object of the attention of godly men for thousands of years. God told Adam and Eve that He was coming. Abraham was promised His arrival to bless all the nations. King David spoke of His coming, as did the prophets. All of Israel was waiting and anticipating the One that God would send to set them free. And when He came, no one noticed. They did not recognize Him. They rejected Him. He didn't come the way that they were expecting. They wanted to see the skies split and God charge through in all His brilliance. Instead, He came as a baby and grew into a man. He looked just like one of us . . . but He was so much more.

To those who did know Him and receive Him, He provided more than they could have ever hoped for. He provided freedom from the law and ushered in grace. He came bringing grace and truth. These were the two hallmarks of His life. Those who had always been cast aside and excluded found grace in Jesus. Those the religious elite viewed as worthless became the companions of God. Those who had made a mess of their lives were warmly welcomed. Women and children, who had nothing to offer in that culture, were cherished. The poor, the weak, the sick, the frail, the sinful, the outcast, the prostitutes, the demon possessed, the fatherless, the widow . . . they all received grace, forgiveness, acceptance, and community.

Everyone who encountered Him encountered truth. He did not play along with the whims and desires of others, He brought the truth of God. The religious leaders sought to play games, but Jesus would have none of it. Instead of theory and conjecture, Jesus declared the truth of God with power. No falsehood could remain. No one could hide behind their excuses or rationalizing. Jesus saw their hearts, their motives, their desires. Those that were wrong, he corrected. Those that were righteous, he fulfilled.

Jesus was more than we ever hoped for but came in a way we would never have expected. He still comes to people today. To those that receive Him, He is like the light of morning dawning on one lost in the wilderness. He is the light. He is the life. He has come to make God known to us. He has come to make us children of God.

God has come . . . for you.

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